Floating Bridge New
15 Jun 2017 by

THE wonders of this magical Island have long been told through little ditties such as Ryde, where you walk, Newport you cannot bottle, and so on. We at the Candy Press felt this list needed updating for 2017, to update potential tourists on what they should look out for. Without further ado, here is the new TEN Wonders of the Isle of Wight – 2017. Floating Bridge that doesn’t float A marina that holds no water The ice rink with no ice Road safety managed by drunks Tourist towns with no tourists Island roads you cannot drive A Koan that doesn’t even art Coppers rarer than a 3p piece Care homes ...

Steam Railway

THE Government are considering a number of improvements to the rail network which could include the Isle of Wight, it has been announced today.
Under the proposals, the line between Havenstreet …


3 Mar 2017 by
East Cowes

EAST COWES will soon be battling other dilapidated Island towns and villages in an attempt to hold on to its title of ‘Shite Town Of The Year’.
The contest, sponsored by …


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Broken Road

GRATEFUL Islanders have clubbed together to purchase a giant ‘thank you’ card for local tarmac-smiths ‘Island Routes.’
The themed card, measuring nearly 600 miles long by around 15 feet wide is …


15 Jan 2015 by

FREE child micro-chipping will be available for genuine Isle of Wight parents next week, thanks to a new partnership between Island Police, Apple Computers, and U2.
A series of events have …


9 Jan 2015 by

A large vehicle container ship fell over in the Solent last night, and is currently parked like a BMW in a disabled bay on the Bramble Bank.
The incident sparked a major …


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