Learner Driver
4 Jun 2018 by

DRIVERS from the Isle of Wight will be able to have training about how to drive on the mainland under a new scheme announced today. A spokesperson for the Ministry of Transport, Agg Saydant, told us “People from Southampton and Portsmouth regularly complain that they are stuck behind a convoy of idiots every time a ferry unloads. “They are unable to make steady progress, have little road awareness and come to a total halt at roundabouts which are a complete mystery to them.” Under the plans, Island drivers would be accompanied by a driving instructor from the mainland and would display a plate similar ...

Simon Cowell

THE next singing sensation probably won’t be discovered on the Isle of Wight, however the X Factor debacle will still sadly roll onto the the Island next week.
Many Islanders, young …


4 Mar 2017 by
Steam Railway

THE Government are considering a number of improvements to the rail network which could include the Isle of Wight, it has been announced today.
Under the proposals, the line between Havenstreet …


3 Mar 2017 by
East Cowes

EAST COWES will soon be battling other dilapidated Island towns and villages in an attempt to hold on to its title of ‘Shite Town Of The Year’.
The contest, sponsored by …


4 Feb 2015 by
Broken Road

GRATEFUL Islanders have clubbed together to purchase a giant ‘thank you’ card for local tarmac-smiths ‘Island Routes.’
The themed card, measuring nearly 600 miles long by around 15 feet wide is …


15 Jan 2015 by

FREE child micro-chipping will be available for genuine Isle of Wight parents next week, thanks to a new partnership between Island Police, Apple Computers, and U2.
A series of events have …


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