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5 Mar 2017 by | No Comments
East Cowes Parade

EAST COWES was recently named the “fifth best” place to live in England. The Centre for Economic and Business Research, and Royal Mail, put the report together after collecting and analysing data over the last two years, which was interpreted by the Mail. Sadly however, it has been found that the erroneous ...

29 Oct 2012 by | No Comments

The article published on the Islands failing schools and confirming them as below average compared to the rest of the country was actually reported by an investigator, Ofsted, not ‘Off his head’ as our hard of hearing source told us. We would like to apologise for any undue concern caused by ...

12 Oct 2012 by | 2 Comments

Albert Chamberlain “Adge” Smith 57, would like us to point out that he pleaded guilty to 15 counts of burglary; not 15 counts of buggery as reported in last weeks newspaper. We apologise for the mistake.

28 Sep 2012 by | 5 Comments

The Sandown man found guilty at Winchester Crown Court for gross indecency, bestiality and non-payment of a tv licence was William Arthur Grizzlebottom, 57,  not William Albert Grizzlebottom, 57, as reported in last weeks newspaper. We apologise for any confusion. Ms. Tina Trumping-Smith, 62, Chairperson of Merston WI is a keen ...