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6 Jun 2017 by | One Comment
Candy Press - Leaders Debate

THIS coming Thursday is a pivotal day – with the start of the Isle of Wight Festival promising a weekend of fun and frolics for many. Also happening this Thursday is a General Erection, or something, but it’s apparently very important and so we decided to invite the main contestants to ...

6 Mar 2017 by | No Comments
Bearded Tattoo Man

A REPORT published today suggests that middle-aged men on the Isle of Wight are twice as likely as the national average to suffer from a recently identified condition known as “LaDS” – Lamentable Dad Syndrome. Up to 25% of Island men over the age of 35 are thought to show signs ...

4 Feb 2015 by | 2 Comments
East Cowes

EAST COWES will soon be battling other dilapidated Island towns and villages in an attempt to hold on to its title of ‘Shite Town Of The Year’. The contest, sponsored by the jewellery section at Argos, again welcomes entries from any parish council, organisation or group of fed up locals representing ...

14 Oct 2012 by | 2 Comments
Emily Spurt

Well my darlings, what can one say? What a week it’s been! My new office is finally kitted out in a manner more befitting a lady of culture, style and blackouts. The Editor has opened his capacious wallet and my new desk, laptop and cocktail-shaker are in place. I also have ...

5 Oct 2012 by | No Comments
Green Door

She’s here! She’s dead posh! She’s cost us a ruddy fortune!  Our new Agony Aunt, Emily Spurt is gagging to solve all your sad, petty little problems right now; so what are you waiting for? Get in touch and let Emily ‘Spurt’ her pearls of wisdom all over you! Email ...

26 Sep 2012 by | 2 Comments
Green Door

The Isle of Wight Candy Press is extremely proud to announce a new member of the team! Emily Spurt accepted our invitation to become this papers new agony-aunt! Regular readers will recall our recent story about Emily, who shocked the villagers and Parish Council of Godshill by her brave decision to ...